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In the News - 2015

Unchained: How Blockchain and Bitcoin Are Going Mainstream

Unchained: How Blockchain & Bitcoin Are Going Mainstream

Tech Crunch's FinTech's Forgotten Markets

TechCrunch: FinTech's Forgotten Markets

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Markets Media: 5 #Fintech Questions with Barchart's Mark Haraburda

2015 Snapshots

Mark Haraburda

Barchart CEO, Mark Haraburda, gives the welcoming address to start off presentations from the industry's biggest names.

Karim Hopper

Karim Hopper from AWS on innovative technologies for financial services.

Scott Mullins

Scott Mullins from AWS explaining disruptive innovation.

Julie Menacho

CME Group's Julie Menacho on the Exchange view on market technology.

Kaveh Massoudian

Kaveh Massoudian from IBM talking about cognitive computing and big data.

Adam Honoré, Markets Tech, discussing current and near-future challenges, innovations and market drivers.

Drew Shields, Trading Technologies, talking about how to integrate and embrace new technology.

Joe Gits, Social Markets Analytics, speaking on capturing trends from social media.

Jeremy Jongsma from Barchart stressing the importance of automation in implementation.

Matt Haraburda from XR Trading.

Panelists Chuck Mackie, Maven Wave Partners and Keith Fishe, Trade Forecaster.

John Lothian talking with Barchart President and CTO Eero Pikat.

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