2018 Schedule

Events held at Venue SIX10, 610 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60605

April 25, 2018 - Free to Attend

Startup Exchange Competition

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2:00pm - 4:00pm


(With Intermission)

5:00pm - 7:00pm

Happy Hour at Trading Technologies TechTap

April 26, 2018

FinTech Exchange

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9:00am - 11:00am

In-Depth Seminars

New in 2018 (Requires Separate Registration)

The World of Alternative Data

  • What is Alternative Data
  • Examples, Sources, Case Studies
  • How is it being used and where to find it
  • How do you Ensure Quality, Can you Trust it
  • Trading Strategies using Alternative Data
  • What Does the Future Hold, Challenges & Opportunities

Andrew Parsons

Andrew Parsons

Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain | Everything You Need to Know

  • How Blockchain Works
  • The Mechanics Behind Bitcoin
  • News Coins & Why
  • Market Structure, Size and Exchanges
  • Trading Crypto Spot and Futures
  • Using & Storing Cryptocurrencies
  • What Does the Future Hold, Challenges & Opportunities

Michael Busch
Michael Busch

Melvin Petties
Melvin Petties

Zach Smolinski
Zach Smolinski

11:00am - 1:30pm

Lunch & Exhibit Hall


Welcome Address

Mark Haraburda

CEO at Barchart

Mark Haraburda


Key Note Presentation

Dr. Richard Sandor

Chairman and CEO at American Financial Exchange (AFX)

Richard Sandor


Lightning Rounds Sponsored by CBOE


Closing Remarks

4:00pm - 5:30pm

Round Table Discussions

(Requires Separate Registration)

What’s hacking your IT wallet?

Join Vela’s Dan Rooney and Ben Ryan for a discussion on how the competing challenges across the financial technology ecosystem are starving the industry of innovation. We will discuss consolidation among high frequency groups, increasing demand for derivatives analytics, and how evolving technology is impacting the way clients access and interact with market data. The discussion will focus on the emerging needs of both the buy and sell side, and how they might shape the future of FinTech.


Dan Rooney

Dan Rooney

Ben Ryan

Ben Ryan

The future of crypto post ICO boom – security tokens and what happens next….

Brave New Coin, a leading provider of market data, indices, news and analytics for cryptocurrency is at the forefront of this new asset class. As with any asset, markets need data for price discovery, risk management and portfolio construction. But what is “fundamental data” in this context? How do investors evaluate these new opportunities? What analytics are available? Drawing on direct market and issuance experience over the past 4 years, this round table discussion looks at what we might expect to see beyond the recent ICO boom, the likely regulatory response, and the expected future of security tokens, especially from the perspective of institutional asset managers.

Brave New Coin
Rory Manchee

Rory Manchee

The Rise of corporate Accelerators, Incubators and Scale-Up programs; How can Corporates and Startups work together to create the future of financial services?

Talk about what success looks like in FinTech Innovation! Rapid change in emerging technology comes from entrepreneurs and early stage companies that don’t have the time to wait for traditional governance and controls a multinational bank such as Barclays requires. As a result banks need to reinvent the way they open up to connect, create and scale new products and services. What needs to be considered? How do you measure success? Join Ben Shaw and Kester Keating to explore answers to these questions.

Kester Keating

Kester Keating

Rise New York
Ben Shaw

Ben Shaw

Using mental training techniques used in professional sports to improve focus and sleep, and to decrease stress.

Join Russ Rausch from Vision Pursue (VP) Chicago as he leads a discussion about how to use practical mental training methods to improve automatic thought and emotional patterns. Russ was a COO at a hedge fund before founding VP and he understands the stress resulting from trading results, regulation, increased risk and liability, and changing market conditions. After developing expertise in mental training he developed a program used in pro and college sports in organizations like the Atlanta Falcons, SF 49ers, Seattle Mariners, and the University of Alabama.

Vision Pursue

Russ Rausch

Russ Rausch

4:00pm - 6:00pm

Reception & Happy Hour